Writing Articles for Visitors

All sites have their own content. To attract visitors to your site is better to write some articles. We will offer you some tips to create good content to your site. This way you will attract more visitors and keep the old ones. We hope that you will find these tips interesting.


 – Be the authority, rather then rehash. If you create a highly informational article, it will have a higher distribution and you can even have sales directly from it. It is worth putting the extra few minutes rather then go for a mass produced strategy

 – Don’t be a salesmen. Informational articles do way better then sales one. A great strategy is to supply the info in a helpful way and leave the sales talk to the “About the Author” box. This is where people expect it and they can be put off by sales pitches in the article itself

 – Keep it brief. Keep it to 250 or so words. Most people have short attention spans so if the topic is too complex for that length – Split it into Parts, like Part 1 , Part 2 etc – each being a seperate submission

 – Check you grammar and spelling. This one seems obvious but people submit some poorly thrown together articles. This can hurt distribution (and possibly acceptance) severely

 – Don’t put huge disclaimers in the body of the article. I see this all the time. They add theirs own “Links must be kept live” but they make it huge with ******* or ——— dividers. Its unnecesary and can hurt distribution. The article site itself has a TOS which covers it so by making it such a big part of the article, some people will be put off.

 – Have fun. Write about something you enjoy. A lot of articles are forced and have no life to them. I can tell you that by adding a little humour or passion, you will see that distribution increases. People don’t want automated articles to use on their sites, they want interesting and engaging ones. If you are writing a highly technical article, do one in the “Dummies” style to maximize distribution

Good Luck! 

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