Udugu! makes the switch to Joomla!

Udugu! makes the switch to Joomla!Udugu! a social networking community for adults over 25 years of age has been in operation for just over a month now and is growing fast. Gaining over 158 members within its first month, Udugu! reaches a niche market that no other social networking site reaches out to (yet).

With a recent switch to Joomla! and Community Builder, Udugu! plans to be one of the better social sites for Adults on the net, offering its members not only a community ‘feel’ but features that will appeal to adults who frequent the Online World as it is.

With many, many additional features such as Chat, forums, classifieds, event listings, extended profiles with extended search, Private messages, gallery, home pages and so much more, Udugu! brings to its members a new ‘breed’ of community sites – offering everything for free, including FREE advertising for its members. It’s about networking, communicating and exploring.

Open Source has allowed Udugu! to come into play. Thanks to Joomla, Community Builder and all the other developers who have contributed to open source and helped form / shape Udugu! as it is today.

Udugu! means Friendship in Swahilli, and it is the vision of creator / designer Karen Koski to show the world that online there are no BORDERS and despite whatever may be going on in the World today there is a little corner of the net where like minded indivudals can retreat to and mingle with someone from the other side of the Planet of their own age group.

Membership is free, but you must be over 25 years of age to join.

Visit http://www.udugu.com

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