Tips to Choose the Best Hosting

Once you decide to create an Internet presence that will require a web site and web hosting. This determination can make sure that you are not overpaying for service, paying for features you won’t be using, or worse yet, paying extra for functionality that you required but failed to check on.

You may find the following tips usefull:

 – find a host that have all the functionality you need and you use. Don’t look for everything, just you need. If you will be running an e-commerce site you will need to find an online payment system, you might need to have your web host support the secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption. A blog or a online forums site will most likely require PHP or Perl/CGI scripting and in most cases access to a database system like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft’s SQL Server.

 – determine the best package or your site. If you have a small site don’t take “monsters” package hosting. You will pay more for something you don’t use. Determine the space you need and the bandwith you will use. Get just a little more (maybe your site will grow)

 – forget about that “unlimited” hosting offers. Nothing is unlimited.

 – ask others about the host company you want to use. Search for discussions, ask friends… Try to get more opinions about hosting company

 – verify what kind o support offer your host. See if is online, ticket. If the host offer online support, see if is really online when you need it.

  – verify the speed of the servers. Are a lots of sites that offer scripts to determine the speed of the host.

  – not everything that is cheap is good and not everything that is expensive is really good

Good luck with your hosting provider!

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