The “Ultimate AJAX Newsflash” module! AJAX eye-candy for your Joomla! site

The "Ultimate AJAX Newsflash" module! AJAX eye-candy for your Joomla! siteAdd AJAX eye-candy newsflash in your website with the “ULTIMATE AJAX NEWSFLASH” Module for Joomla! 1.0.x.

A module that smoothly fades a user specified the number of content items published in one or many sections/categories. Use it on any website to attract visitors’ attention. The module uses AJAX technology to achieve the smooth fade in/out effects, thus the name!

The module is very flexible, when it comes to content output, without any display restrictions whatsoever. The code is unobtrusive, so you can quickly adjust the HTML/CSS of the module to suit your needs. And last, but not least! A smooth bottom fade (using a transparent PNG image) has also been added in case a content item’s intro text exceeds in height the box containing the “ULTIMATE AJAX NEWSFLASH” Module!

Now that’s eye candy, huh?

If you want to show your support please rate and comment on the module, at Joomla Extensions or the official blog (and project page)!

The “ULTIMATE AJAX NEWSFLASH” Module for Joomla! 1.0.x is and always will be FREE. Have fun!

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