The greatest community ever

“Le roi est mort, vive le roi!”. This expression meaning “The king is dead, long live the king!” is the first that comes to my mind when thinking about Joomla!, its history and its community.

A time not so long ago I discovered something that changed my perception about building sites, about building informational architecture and finally but not the last, it changed my view about web communities. That something was named Mambo and it was about to become the most popular CMS at its time.

Its simplicity in use, user friendly interface and the easy installation brought it quickly lots of fans around the world and an unbelieveble fast growing community of people helping each other, reaching to the ones in need of advice and help.

They practically did not know each other but they helped each other. It made me feel like wings were growing on my back and I was ready to fly. It was a great example of humanity and selflessness. It really made one think and feel that one is really part of something. It was the spirit of the Open Source that was guiding us all.

Then, a period of turmoil came. It felt like the ground was runing from under my feet and I was about to lose that great feeling and the community that felt so close to me (yet geographically far). It was not about the CMS itself but about the feeling that this hole thing gave me.

And then…Joomla! The new CMS arose and things were back on their right track once more. Joomla! was there, the community was there and it seemed more efervescent than ever. They stayed under the same flag of the Open Source and they let themselves be driven by its spirit. The wings were once again on my back, spread and ready to lift me off.

And so I say: “Thank you!” to the dev team for bringing all this to life, “Thank you!” to the community for being such a great support and friends to each other and thus, the greatest community ever. Vive Joomla! Long live Joomla!

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