Reasons to Choose Joomla

I you are searching for a CMS and found Joomla stop searching. It’s the best CMS you can get. And is free. You think Mambo is better for you? Well….is not. I will present you some reasons to choose Joomla. I’m sure you will agree. So, let’s start!


 – Community. The most active members from Mambo moved to Joomla. You can ask anything about Joomla and be sure that you will get an answer in short time. The community is strong and helpfull.

 – Developers. ALL developers that worked to make the ex-best CMS are now involved in Joomla. They will make Joomla better and better. They already proved that they are the best and can do great work.

 – Addons. Most of 3rd party developers moved to Joomla. You can find lots of free addons, components, modules, templates on the new developers site on Also, you can find commercial or ask for custom addons, modules, components or templates.

 – Simply and powerfull. Joomla is easy to use and update. Even a beginner can work with Joomla. It’s simple to use, but has a lots of features if you need. Installing Joomla is simple and fast. You can configure in a few minutes.

 Get Joomla from and enjoy!

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