Promote Your Website with Partners

To promote a website is not very easy. We will offer you some articles related to website promotion. Let’s start to promote a website with Partners links. To have partners it’s a good option but don’t get to many because your website will be full of links or banners and visitors don’t like that. We will offer you a few tips to find the best partners for your site.

 – First you have to determine exactly what do you offer: design, tutorials, programming, free stuff, commercial goods, etc.

  – It’s a good option to avoid website that offer the same thing like you. You don’t want your users to buy from another website.

 – Try to find websites that  are complementary to your. If you provide good quality designs but don’t have any programming skills ind a website that offer programming but not designs. If a user find their site and need a good design they will coome to your site.

 – Try to find sites that are in your area of interest. If a user search for cars, don’t need to visit your site to see a download area (if you offer software downloads).

 – It’s better that your partners to have a pagerank like your (if you have a pagerank of 4 try to partner with sites that have 3-4-5).

 – Find quality sites, not crappy.

 – Sites with high traffic are a good option but must be in your area of interest. It’s better to partner with a site that have a lower traffic (but quality traffic) than one with high traffic (but with low quality). (It’s better to have 3 customers from 100 visitors than 1 from 10.000)

 – From time to time verify if your link is still on your partner website.

 – Don’t partner with sites that offer free stuff if you sell products. They will visit your site but who give money if  look for free stuff?

That’s all for now. Stay tune for the next articles. 

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