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Privacy Policy

Introduction.We take your right to privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable using our…

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Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments.Each time you use or cause access to…

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YaNC 1.4 beta 3 released

A new version of the YaNC component has been released today. A lof of bugfixing and restructuring has been done and a major thanks needs to go out to Beat from the Community Builder team for his effort into making this release.

An exact list of changes is not available at this point, but changes to this version include:
– integration with Community Builder
– restructuring of internal process
– a lot of bugfixes

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Robin Muilwijk Joins Development Team

The Joomla core team has a new member who will be a key player in ensuring code stability.

Robin Muilwijk, who hails from The Netherlands, will be joining the Stability Team under the umbrella of the Quality
Assurance Testing Workgroup.

The appointment of Robin, who is a change management expert, will further the Joomla project’s future by creating the best releases possible for the greater community

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Promote Your Website with Partners

To promote a website is not very easy. We will offer you some articles related to website promotion. Let’s start to promote a website with Partners links. To have partners it’s a good option but don’t get to many because your website will be full of links or banners and visitors don’t like that. We will offer you a few tips to find the best partners for your site.

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samSiteMap beta released!

The first beta release for samSiteMap has just been downloaded onto the forge! We appreciate all the inquiries and notes of support, it looks like we are off to a great start!

samSiteMap will create complex document trees from standard Mambo content (content, contacts, weblinks, newsfeeds). Using template positions, menus and menu items, document trees are created that reflect the true access of your users.

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Joomla! Brand Guide & Logo Usage

Thanks to Alan, the creator of the Joomla! logo, a Brand Guide is now available. There are also a variety of  logos that you can use, available in multiple graphic formats for you to downlad. More will be added to over time.

The Brand Guide contains a number of important design points and it is important that you review this guide before creating any graphics of your own that incorporate the Joomla! logo.

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Sectionmenu V1.2 Released

sectionmenu module is used for navigating through a section specified via the module’s parameter settings.

By default (version 1.2) blogcategory links to all categories the current user is allowed to view are displayed in alphabetical order below each other in the module.

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Joomla Templates The old migrates 100% to Joomla! provides quality free and commercial templates for Joomla!

Simplicity, Bloggy, Webby and Millennium templates where converted to Joomla! and they are available at the templates section.

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