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NewsfeedsA good option to have more content on your site is to have rss news from other sites. In this tutorial we will show you how to add rss news on your site. Joomla come with a complex component named “Syndicate”. With this component you can show news ordered by categories. You can add almost unlimited categories and sites to this component. Let’s start our tutorial.

Go to your Administration area and login.

First, we will define some categories or your Newsfeeds. For example: Joomla News and Software News. Go to Components –> Newsfeeds –> Manage Categories. To add a new categories press “New” button from the top-right.

In the next screen  we will create our first category.

 – Category Title:  The short name to appear in menus (Ex: Joomla News)

 – Category Name: The long name to be displayed in headings (Ex: Joomla News from various Sites)

 – Image: You can associate an image with this category newsfeed (Ex: for joomla News you can add joomla logo, for Software news you can add a software package)

 – Image position: Left, Right. If you set Left the image will appear to the left of the Category, if set right on the right.

 – Ordering: By default new category goes to last place. This can be set after you save  your work. This option will be used if you want to put Software News above your Joomla News. (in our tutorial first category is Joomla News and second category is Software news. I you want Sotware news to appear first you can cange it from here)

 – Acces Level: Public: every visitor will see this category. Registered: Only registered users will see this category. Special: only authors, editors, managers and administrators.

 – Description: A short description of the category.

Save your work. Click save from the top-right. The same is for second category “Software News”

Now, let’s add some news! We will add Joomla Tribune newsfeed

Go to Components –> Newsfeeds –> Newsfeed Manager. Click “New” from the top-right. 

 – Name: The name of the site. Ex: Joomla Tribune 

 – Category:  The name of the category. Ex: Joomla News

 – Link: Link to rss. You can find our rss on the bottom of the  left column. Right-click on the RSS2.0 button and select “Copy link location”. After that paste it here. To help you, our link is:


 –  Number of articles: default is 5, but you can change this number. From our site you can get 20 news.

 – Cache time:Set this in seconds. Default is 3600.

 – Ordering:  New items default to the first place. Ordering can be changed after item is saved.

 –  Published: Yes or No. I you want to see the news set to “Yes”.

Click “Save” from the top-right to save your work. The same steps can be followed to add more categories or more news.

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