Link Directory 1.1.0 Beta is ready to use…

Link Directory 1.1.0 Beta is ready to use...Link Directory is advanced web links component that inspired Joomla! Web Links Component.

Template, comment, rate and report systems are added in this version and some general bug fixes.

Component features in this version

  • Creating hierarchical sub categories
  • Show categories with 2,3 or 4 columns.
  • Show/Hide category image and description
  • Show/Hide total web links and sub categories in the categories
  • Set how many sub categories shown under the main categories
  • Enable/Disable component search engine
  • Set which groups add/edit web link
  • Check newest version of the component in the control panel
  • See how many links/categories added and published in the control panel
  • Export/Import Web links
  • Enable/Disable Security Image check when you add a link (Require com_securityimage component)
  • Template system
  • Comment system
  • Rate system
  • Report system
  • Fully compatible SEF
  • Some additional modules. (Category dTree, Stats, Latest Links, etc.)

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