Joomla! Bulgaria launched a UTF-8 support site

Joomla! Bulgaria launched a UTF-8 support siteThe Bulgarian Joomla! Community is the largest CMS community in this East European country – which is joining the European Community in less than six months.

The interest in Joomla! is rapidly growing up, so the concerns have arisen about the imminent transitional problems on the way from windows-1251 to UTF-8 based sites, especially with the rise of Joomla 1.5.

To meet the interest in UTF-8 based applications, Joomla-BG started a NEW SUPPORT SITE for developing and testing Joomla! core and extensions in pure UTF-8 environment. The site offers the last version of Joomla! 1.0.10 prepared for UTF-8 and supplied with several additional UTF-8 language files, first of all Bulgarian and Russian as facing similar transitional problems.

There are already some UTF-8 ready components and modules for non-English sites, say, the Remository, Joomla-SMF Bridge, and OpenSEF among the others. One can find also hacked forum sources and installation files covering the representation issues with extended Latin and non-Latin characters in the code and the varchar fields of the MySQL tables both of SMF and Joomla! Whatever one sees installed on the site is also available for downloads from the Repository archive.

The administrators of this new site, Dr. Plamen Gradinarov and Mr. Ivo Apostolov, believe that the site has the potential of turning into a regional and hopefully international support site for Joomla UTF-8.

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