Joomla based websites

News & Media took the cherry off the cake’s top on our poll last week. For about a week our visitors had the chance to vote the domain their Joomla website was. News & Media took the majority of the votes, 18% of our voters having their website based on that domain. We have expected that given the fact that Joomla is offering a very good way of managing the content, simplicity and an easy utilization. 

Entertaiment and Recreation & Sports categories shared the second place, receiving 15% of the votes. This makes us think that many of these websites are about communities or fan clubs. The possibility of adding forums or communities’ 3rd party add-ons on the basic version of Joomla make this CMS the prefered choice of the commuinties’ creating webmasters. It would be interesting to see how powerfull these communities are and how many users can Joomla handle.

With 11% of the votes, Business& Economy based sites come in third. Why do webmasters choose Joomla for the commercial and bussiness sites? It is possible that part of these business sites to be just informational sites, but we already know companies’ or e-stores based on Joomla. Components like Virtuemart, the capability to assign users on different acces levels and the variety of available templates are aces upon the webmasters’ sleeves when creating a site with Joomla.

The 7% that the Regional & Tourism category received are not surprising at all. Lots of tourism companies and hotels prefer Joomla. A great deal of them are commercial sites and together with the Business & Economy section they would succesfully compete for the first place on our poll and that means that Joomla is ideal for commercial sites.

Blog & Homepages. Hard to understand why so few bloggers prefer Joomla. An explanation would be that Joomla is offering way too many facilities that are really needed for a blogg or a personal page. Another explanation would be that a lot of them gives up on using Joomla because Joomla lacks two extremly necessary options for bloggers: the possibility to assign an article to more than one category or section and the integrated comments system.

Government, Science. These categories are yet another deception for us. Although Joomla offers numerous facilities for an information based website, the two categories hardly took one vote each. Maybe the small number of dedicated websites for these domains made it for these categories to come in last.

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