How to Use Media Manager

Joomla media managerMedia Manager is a great Joomla option. You can use it to organize your website images and media files. You can upload images, generate image codes, create directories and a lot more. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Joomla Media Manager.

Joomla Media Manager can be accesed directly from your administration front page. Also, you can acces Media Manager by going to Site -> Media Manager.

Go to Site -> Media Manager. This will open your Media Manager screen.

Create a directory:

Let’s create a directory. Go to Create Directory and Type a name (ex: NewImages). From the top Click “Create” button. On the next page you will see your new directory in the list. To create a new directory under “NewImages” click on the “NewImages” directory. Go to “Create directory” and type another name (ex: SportImages). Click on “Create” button on the top to create the new directory.

Upload an image:

Let’s upload an image to our “NewImages” directory. Click on “NewImage”directory. Go to “File Upload” and click “Browse” button. Search for an image you want to upload and select it. Click the “Upload” button from the top. Your new image is now uploaded on your server. To upload an image to “SportImages” directory click “SportImages”. Click “Browse”, select your image and click “Upload” button.

Generate Image/URL Code:

You can generate your Image/URL code with Joomla Media Manager. This is very simple. Click on any image on Media Manager. In “Image/URL Code” tab you will see a generated code for your image.

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