How to Install Joomla Templates

Templates define the lay-out of your Joomla Web site. You can assign different templates to various pages of your Web site.  Templates can be created for the Frontend of your site called Site TemplateAdministrator Templates. This is a small tutorial where you will learn about how to install templates in Joomla.

as well as the Backend called


Let's start:

  • Log in to your administrator section of the site. The link to your administrator section should be like this: .
  • The administrator section should look like this:

On the top go to Site -> Template Manager -> Site Templates

  • Select New form the options. See pictures below:
  • Browse to you zip file. and select it. Then select Upload File & Install.
  • The template is installed when you get this page. Select Continue and let's publish the new template.
  • Your site is ready for it's new look. Select the radio button on the Left to Template name and after that click Default from the Menu.
  • Click Site -> Preview -> In New Window

That's All!


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