How to Create Static Content

Create Static ContentJoomla have an option to create static content on your website. You can use this option to create pages like “about us”, “terms and conditions”, even product pages. The static content is a simple web page linked to your menu. In this tutorial we will show how to create static content and how to create a link in main menu for it.

Log in to your administration area.

Go to “Content” –> “Static Content Manager”. In your Static Content Manager you can see a list of your present static pages.

Now, let’s create our new page:

On the top click “New”.

Title: Give a name to your page (ex: About Us)

Title alias: You can type a Name easy to remember. Usually this can be let blank.

Text: Type your text here. This is your static page. You can use the editor to make pretty pages.

On the right you can see some options: Publishing, Images, Parameters, Meta Info, Link to menu.


State: this is the actual status of your page. Now is “unpublished”

Published: this is where you can publish or unpublish your page. Select it to publish the static content.

Access Level: Public, Registered, Special. Select the respective option.

Author Alias: You can change the name of the author and give an alias

Change Creator: I someone else write the content and you just enter it on the site you can select the right creator.

Ordering: you can change the order of how your content is listed in Static content manager. You can cange it now, but this can be changed later.

Override Created Date: By default this is the right date when you created the content.

Start Publishing: Change this if you want your content to be published later. The publishing is automated.

Finish Publishing: I you need to publish the page for a limited period of time type here the date (and hour) when your content will be unpublished. This is also automated.

The other options will be discussed in another tutorials.

Save your work an let’s create a menu link for our new content. To save your work click on the “Save” button on the top right.

A new page loaded on your browser. It’s the Static Content Manager. In the list you should see your new page. (previously named About Us in our tutorial)

Go to Menu –> mainmenu. On the top right click “New” button.

Now you see al list of options. Search for “Link – Static Content” and select the radio button. From the top right click “Next”.

Name: Give a name tou your menu link. The name can be “About Us” because we link the page named “About Us”

Static Content: Select from the list the “About Us” option.

On Click, open: select the desired option

Parent Item: Select “Top” if you want the link to appear by default in the menu. Select other option if you want to make a sublink to respective option.

Access Level: select the desired options. If you select “Public” every visitor will see the link.

Published: select “yes” to publish the link.

Click Save button on the top right to save your work.

To see your new link on the main menu go to¬† Site –> Preview –> In new window.

Good luck!


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