How to Add, Edit and Delete Users

Joomla Users can be arranged in several groups with different levels of access control. User groups  with access to the Frontend include Anonymous, Registered, Author, Editor and Publisher. There are also three groups with access to the Backend: Manager, Administrator and Super Administrator. This is a basic tutorial about how to add, edit and delete users.

Let's start:

Log in to your administration area. Go to Site –> User Manager –> Add/Edit Users.
Let's add now our first user. From the top press "New" button. We need to insert some details about our user:

Name: Put here the name  (for example John Smith)

Username: with this option, our user can log in to your website (for example johnsm)

E-mail: insert here his e-mail addres so you can send him the password in casse he forgot  it.

Password and Verfiy Password: insert the password and verfy it . The user can change the password in the future if he want to.

Group: Here you can set the desired group for your user. The options are: Registered (the user can browse some parts of the site witch are not available for other users); Author (the user can create articles but can't publish or edit); Editor (the user can write and edit articles but can't publish); Publisher (the user can write, edit and publish articles). Manager (this user can log in to the administration area and manage some parts of the administration section), Administrator (user can log in to the administration section and have acces on almost all parts of the site). Super Administrator (that's you, you can do everything you want on your site. You can add other users you trust to be Superadministrators).

Block Users: 2 options Yes and No. You can set this to No if you don't want the specified user to have acces to your site (to log in).

Now you can save your work. On the top Click on "Save" button and it's done!

Let's try now to edit our new user name.

Go to Site –> User Manager –> Add/Edit Users. You will see a list of users.  Find our new user John Smith. You have 2 options to edit it:

1. Click on his name (fast way)

2. Click on the button on the left, to select it and after that click on the top the "Edit" button.

You will see now all the information abouthim. Let's change his Name: Add to his Name: Jr. It should look like this: John Smith Jr.

On the top click "Save button" to save your work.

Now let's delete that user:

Go to Site –> User Manager –> Add/Edit Users. Find John Smith Jr. in the list. In the left click the button to select the user. From the top click on "Delete" button to delete the user.

That's all! Have fun!

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