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Question: I m using content @ HOME PAGE with title of "Welcome to Magz Manufacturing site!" i want to hide this title only needs intro text. it this possible that i can HIDE the title b/c when i add new content and wants to submit without title it gives me POP-UP that u have to fill title but i don't need title @ HOME PAGE is there any GLOBAL CONFIGRATION settings to HIDE the title???

Answer: Yes, you can hide the title of your article.

In the Administrator, select the menu option "Menu – mainmenu"

Click the name of the first menu item to update it.

In the parameters section, towards the bottom/right of the page, there is an option entitled "Item Titles." Select "Hide" and save your changes by pressing the "Save" button.

You might have to clear both the Joomla and web browser cache to see your changes.

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