Designing with standards

There is a new stream amongst the web designers all around the world. And that is designing with standards. That is a great and good thing to do. Some rules must be followed so that everyone would have the same experience when visiting a website no matter the browser they are using. Designing a website that is standard compliant means a certain maturity of that web designer and a great plus for him. 

There were not few the occasions when I was asked to design a standard compliant website. Lots of content was envolved and I thought: “why not use Joomla!?”. But here comes the tricky part: Joomla! does not output a standard compliant result. And so, I was facing a dillema: give up Joomla or hack the code. I am a Joomla fan and so I chose the latter alternative. Of course, the client had to pay more money because more work was envolved.

And here comes my question (and I think I ask on the behalf of all the designers using and supporting Joomla): when will this great CMS be standard compliant? I know that this is a mile stone somewhere on the dev team roadmap ahead, but when? Wouldn’t it be great to save a lot of work and money and to have a standard compliant Joomla? We all love it and want all the best for and from it.

We are all waiting to see what the future brings us. Hope to be a standard compliant future!

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