‘corePHP’ De-Modular-Business Template

'corePHP' De-Modular-Business TemplateThis is the first in a series of templates from 'corePHP' featuring a completely accessible tableless layout with full 508 compliance.

Every detail has been thought out and tested on a variety of browsers for every possible user experience. It includes separate style sheets for screen/projection, print, handheld and aural.

Many months of research has been put into this layout and it is worth the price of the template just for the education of seeing how it's put together.

'corePHP' can assure you there is nothing else like it on the market.


  • Compatible with Joomla! 1.0.x and Mambo 4.5.x
  • Full 508 Compliant template w/ accesskeys.
  • Valid XHTML & CSS.
  • Coded to display the same in Accessible Joomla!
  • Only 65.1K!
  • Highly optimized for search engines
  • Integrated text resizer
  • 100% CSS Tableless design
  • Cross-platform tested on 23 browsers, including IE7. Tests include documentation on how it displays for each on PC and Mac.
  • Degrades gracefully in older browsers to nicely formatted text page.
  • Source ordered content and optimized for screen readers.
  • Separate print style sheet.
  • Separate handheld style sheet.
  • Separate aural style sheet.
  • Readable w/CSS, Javascript or graphics off.
  • Dynamically switches from 3 to 2 column with attractive column backgrounds.
  • Module positions collapse when not used.
  • Min-max from 720px to 1190px which works on all modern browsers.
  • Can be easily converted to a fixed width layout with 1 line of CSS.
  • Innovative use of CSS to hide/show content to each media type as well as hiding module titles from the screen, but viewable to screen readers and search engines.
  • Login area which dynamically switches from login/register to logout/person name when a user is logged in.
  • Stretchable module (module setting -3) with a gradient background and one white module background with a thin border.
  • Top links, time & footer in included php files.
  • Backgrounds, fonts & colors separated into it’s own style sheet for easy editing.
  • Photoshop and Fireworks files included for maximum editing flexibility. Fireworks files are pre-optimized so all you need to do is change the graphics and export into the templates image folder and all the work is done for you.
  • The only 3 column, fluid, source ordered, faux background layout we’ve seen that displays perfectly in the preview section of Dreamweaver 8.
  • Includes an extra CSS file with code for additional options. Also included is another header you can use in place of the one used.
  • All Joomla! CSS codes that aren’t used are included in the CSS file so you don’t have to search for them.
  • 6 pages of documentation to assist with any editing you may need to do.

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