Blogging with Joomla

Based on our last week poll we have noticed that a small number of webmasters are using Joomla for blogging. I think that Joomla is offering a very well endowed environment and maybe the Joomla dev team should focus on attracting as many bloggers as possible. Right now, as you read these lines, there are more than 30 million bloggers all over the world …and counting. Even if a great deal of them is using free bolggs, there are plenty of them that own or wish to buy their own blogging domain. If those would be attracted to Joomla, the number of Joomla users would exponentially increase. 

The fact that Joomla is open source is a great advantage compared to other CMS’s. Being very easy to install and configure, a new user can have his/her own site in a matter of minutes. At the same time, Joomla is highly configurable, the advanced users having the possibility to make lots of changes. As the user grows more and more familiar with Joomla, he/she will discover a great number of integrated options to customise his/her CMS.

It is very important for a blogger to have the possibility of manipulating images the easy way. To that end Joomla offers the Media Manager. It allows you to create new files, upload or delete images directly from your browser; no need to use FTP software (you can find a tutorial about using the Media Manager here ).

Bloggers need to easily write and edit articles. Joomla comes forward and solves this problem too with a powerfull integrated text editor. It offers everything that you need to write, edit or format an article. Additionaly, if a webmaster wishes so, there are plenty of 3rd party editors which can be added to the CMS.

The content and management of pages, categories and sections can be a very important issue in blogging. Joomla is world wide recognised for its easy way of managing the content.

Polls, RSS and weblinks are some other useful tools for a blogger. Even if these options are not very complex in Joomla, they are enough for a blogger’s needs.

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