Bandhosting launches

Bandhosting launches Joomla-addons.orgThe dutch company Bandhosting launches its Joomla! community site: Owner of the company is Adam van Dongen, known to the Joomla! community as Websmurf.

In his history as a Joomla! developer Adam has developed a few well known components: phpbb component, YaNC and the Universal Showcase. All these components were developed in Adams time with Tim_online.  After working for them for about 3 years Adam decided it was time to see if heI was capable of running his own business. This is the very first result of that decision. 

On the site you’ll find the first components Adam has already released: ODT Indexer, Blocklist and Joomla diagnostics.

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect more components, modules and plugins to appear there. Check out the site and let Adam know what you think about it.


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