Add Newsflash Module

A Newsflash module can be added to your Joomla website to show important news to your visitors. The module can import news from one of your content categories. You can import content form any category, but only one category / module. In this tutorial we will configure the newsflash module.

Login to your administrator section. Go to Modules –> Site modules. In the list you will see the “Newsflash” name. The Type of the module is mod_newsflash.

Before we proceed we decide from what category we will import our news. The Category will be located in “News” section and is called “Important News”

Click on “Newsflash” and let’s edit it.

Title: Our module title will remain “Newslash”. You can change it if you want with “Important News”.

Show title: Set “Yes”. In this case the visitors will see what your module is about.

Position: select “top”, or other option as you like

Published: select “yes”. If you select “No” your visitors can’t see the module.

Now, let’s move on to “Parameters”:

Category: From the Dropdown menu select “News” / “Important news”

Style: Select “Randomly choose one at a time” to show only one news every time the page loads.

Show Images: Choose “No”. At this point we don’t want to show images in our newsflash

Read More: Click “Show”.

Item Title: Click “no” because we don’t want to show our News title here.

No. of Items: If you selected “Randomly choose one at a time” you don’t need to type 1 here. But if you want type…:)

On the right – Pages / Items – slect where you want your module to show. At this point click “All”.

Click “Save” on the top right. Go to SIte –> Preview –> In new window to see your work.

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